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Becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist

As with any career, there are many ways of achieving the career you want. With Surgical Technology, this is no different. At the moment, most states do not require licensing although this is changing rapidly. Those who have been working in this field without proper certification will require them to obtain a recognized certification or they will need to find a career in a different field. As dismal as that sounds, it is important that one remembers that this is [...]

Surgical Technologists Educational Overview

*AST members get a $100 discount on the examination fees. **Rate depends on method of qualifying prerequisites prior to exam i.e. Current students are $155 whereas students who graduated more than 9 months prior to writing the exam are $195.   Surgical Technologist is a title given to operating room technicians, scrubs, or scrub technologist whether licensed or not, what this course is talking about is a Certified Surgical Technologist or a Tech in Surgery – Certified; the key word [...]

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