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Becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist

As with any career, there are many ways of achieving the career you want. With Surgical Technology, this is no different. At the moment, most states do not require licensing although this is changing rapidly. Those who have been working in this field without proper certification will require them to obtain a recognized certification or they will need to find a career in a different field. As dismal as that sounds, it is important that one remembers that this is [...]

Surgical Technology – A Historical Overview

Surgical Technologists are a crucial member of the operative team. It is difficult to figure out when the first surgery was performed, although some sources cite as far back as 9000 years ago. The first ever documented surgical procedures that we have discovered can be dated back to 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt. In these documents, the surgeries were performed by priests and there is little doubt that they required assistants to help with the various procedures. The early [...]

A Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech

A surgical technician is a valuable part of the surgery team. Although the average workday can differ between technicians depending on where they work and their area of specialty, daily tasks can be generalized. On average, a surgical technician can attend over a dozen surgeries spending most of the day on their feet. This job is extremely physically demanding, requiring long work hours and sometimes irregular shifts. Surgical technicians can expect to perform the following tasks daily: Equipment sterilization Tray [...]

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